How a Simple Water Recipe Changed My Life and My Body!

This was Me: Greta Robinson

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Written on November 3rd 2022

My Story:
I am so proud today as I share with you my amazing journey as I relate how I went from 221 to 131. I was once inspired through a friend and this is me doing the same. If I can inspire my readers to either get healthy for the first time or get their health back, then I have won not only my battle, but the satisfaction of knowing I helped pay it forward  like that friend did for me.

What I learned using the Simplest of Recipies..
My emotions take me over every time I think about how lucky I was to run into a Sara. What Sara did for me that day was life changing!

I can't thank her enough, I try express my gratitude every time I see her. She always smiles and playfully remarks at my new body.

It can only be called a miracle, because if everyone knew, the fitness and diet industry would be turned upside down. To think the Simplest of Tweaks to my morning water could change a life entirely is pretty impressive.

You see, we don't actually have to work out an hour a day, or do crazy fasting, or eat nothing but rice cakes, broccoli and kale chips to look amazing.

Seriously, I am still AMAZED when I look in the mirror and see the woman smiling back at me. People I haven’t seen in a while do a double take whenever they see me now!

I have so much more confidence these days! For the first time in what feels like forever I enjoy shopping for clothes! I used to hate trying on clothes, it gave me anxiety and made me feel chubby and unattractive.
I would go home depressed at my new wardrobe pieces, not excited about them.

I thought my husband and I were pretty close...that is NOTHING compared to how it is now! Let's just say he can't keep his hands off of me and always wants to hold my hand everywhere we go..Yes seriously!

What's even better? My annual trip to the doctor confirmed what I had hoped for.... My heart was healthier than ever, my blood sugar levels (which had been steadily creeping up) were now normal, and the doctors scale was no longer my mood buster! I dropped so much weight my doctor was beaming for me! She actually asked me all about my new method and decided to look into it further because of my amazing results.

What's shocking to me is that I didn’t have to diet, starve, fast or even cut out my favorite foods which I read and heard everyday from all the guru's out there. Incredible right?

In fact, I learned that this had nothing to do with why I was overweight in the first place.
I learned so much from a 7 second addition to my morning water, like why it works and who it works for (which is pretty much everyone I know who has tried it).

My body shape had nothing to do with how much rigorous exercising I did… or how much sugar I ate.

No wonder I struggled for years to get my weight under control! The fitness industry, while it means well...keeps us in a constant battle to make us NEED more and making tons of money off of me and others like me.
STOP!  We don't have to be led around by it anymore. I know the secret to my success....and it isn't the gym or it's trainers!

Once I had used the recipe, I was able to
* Eat whatever I wanted (without the guilt!).

* Not be disgusted with myself after every holiday.

* Enjoy looking at my body and its transformation.

* Skip endless workouts that bothered my ageing joints.

* Shop for new clothes WITHOUT hating myself for hours after trying them on...worst feeling ever.

* Finally, feel GREAT about reaching my dream ME!

I can’t explain how frustrating it was to work so hard for years and being in a constant battle with my anxiety of having to get dressed each morning into clothes that hated me. I was miserable! But that is all in the past!

I tear up writing this because I know there are woman out there, just like me, feeling the same way I did.

Ladies, I'm sharing this story for US! 

It is NOT your fault. It wasn't my fault.

You can feel healthier, fitter, (and even sexier!) than you have ever felt in your life.
There is beauty in each and everyone of us, no matter what shape we take. But this shape, the healthier one, really looks fantastic on me and will on you too!

Watch the video that changed my life! I promise you will not regret this. Might want to do it fast before the fitness industry finds a way to tear it down as they always do!
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